Our Menu

Taco Tuesday at the Cannon New Haven

All dishes are vegan, except when regular cheese is added or subbed. In addition to our main menu, check our Instagram for Tuesday Taco specials and occasional brunch offerings! Please inform us of any allergies when ordering.

Apps & Odds & Ends

Sub Regular Cheese: +$3


Cauliflower Bites

Battered and fried, tossed in house-made Buffalo sauce with a side of house-made (vegan!) ranch.



Your choice of beef-flavored TVP, fried ‘shrooms, or veggies with your choice of vegan or regular cheese. Served with vegan sour cream and pico de gallo.


Hand-Cut Fries

Add Three Bean Chili: $5

Add Vegan/Regular Cheese: $3


Mac & Cheese

Shells and vegan cheese blend with garlic.

Add Peppers & Onions: $2



With your choice of three-bean chili or jerk lentils over yellow corn tortillas.

Add Pico de Gallo: $1

Add Vegan/Regular Cheese: $3

Add Vegan OR Regular Sour Cream: $2


Three Bean Chili


House Salad

Mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, & tomatoes tossed in house-made Caesar, Ranch, or Vinaigrette dressing.

Add Fried Oyster Mushrooms: $8



Shepherd’s Pie

Beef-flavored textured vegetable protein (TVP), corn, carrots, & peas in gravy. Topped with mash and baked.


Fishin’ Chips

Two pieces of hearts of palm, nori, and capers, beer-battered and fried. Served with fries, cole slaw, tartar sauce, & a lemon wedge.


Lentil Loaf

Lentils baked with carrots, red onion, celery, and house glaze. Served with your choice of two sides.


Sandos & Such

Served with your choice of side

Sub Regular Cheese: +$3



Chicken-flavored TVP, pickled onion, lettuce, tomato, tahini, & house-made white sauce on pita bread.


Crispy Shroom Wrap

Oat-buttermilk fried oyster mushrooms, mixed greens, & tomato wrapped in a flour tortilla with your choice of sauce.


Southern Fried Tofu

Cajun & adobo-marinated tofu, southern-mustard fried, topped with slaw & house-made Gold Sauce on your choice of white or rye toast.


Classic Grilled Cheese

On your choice of white or rye toast.

Add Tomato: $2



$4 for each additional side


Mashed Potatoes

Mac & Cheese

Sauteed Kale



Chickpeas & Onions


$1 for each additional sauce

Peri-Peri Vegan Mayo Buffalo
Gold Agave Mustard Brandy BBQ
House Ranch Caesar Lemon Pepper
Sweet Heat Jerk


Happy Hour: Tuesday – Friday 4-7

Tuesday – Thursday:  4pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 4pm – 2am
Sunday: 4pm – 1am
Mondays: Closed

*We are also frequently open at other times to air televised soccer games. Call 203-684-3928 or check our Instagram for details! 



135 Dwight Street, New Haven, CT 06511

(203) 684-3928